Welcome to Zcash explorer

explorer for inspecting and analyzing Zcash.

The goal of this project is to make available a simple, reliable, privacy-friendly & open-source Zcash explorer built with modern frameworks.

The block explorer aims to serve the needs of Zcash users who need a reliable source of their Zcash transactions data and the status of the network while not depending on third party non-Zcash focussed explorers who often fail to keep the explorers updated per the changes happening in the Zcash ecosystem.

Zcash explorer is an Elixir /Phoenix based application that allows users to search transactions, view blocks , accounts and balances.

It also has features to allow users to broadcast a raw Zcash transaction, use payment disclosure functionality, viewing keys.

an instance of this project is hosted at https://zcashblockexplorer.com/

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